Monday, November 11, 2013

Big changes

Ive gotten very used to the sight of cardbored boxes in my room. I have lived in 13 different places in 21 years. I remember being at 10 of them. the longest I have lived in one place was 5 years and the shortest was 6 months. That is changing I am moving for the 14th time.  

empty shelves set in the reality of what is really happening. Up until now I've lived in the same 10 mile span of area in California from Rocklin to citrus heights with my parents. 
This move is 140 miles away to Reno, Nevada to live with my fiancée and soon to be in-laws.
I am movong sooner then I had originally expected. My original pan was to finish school then move which would have probly been another 6 months to a year. One thing after another led me to decided I was ready for a fresh start now and not later, so im moving now and will finish school later.  
December 21st is the big day, only 40 days. Boxes and bags are stacking up as it gets closer. most are ready to go but some of the boxes were still packed from my last move and still need to be sorted out.  
I've had mixed emotions about leaving. Im really excited to move so my fiancée and I can start our lives together and I can be happy, but at the same time, California is all I've known. My job, my friends, and my family. Even though we don't get along most of the time and im pretty sure we would win an award for the most drama, they're still family. Only thing I have in Nevada is my fiancée and his family. 
  Some days are easier then others. Once I get there and get settled in everything will be 100% better but its the transitioning phase right now that has got me worked up. Today was a difficult day, I wanted someone to talk to but had no one. living in a house with 2 other people and still feeling like your by yourself isn't easy at all.

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